Plan your holiday with us

Plan your holiday with us

From accommodation, to transport and activities you can find some useful tips that can help you to organize your holiday in Alghero.

Start your holiday in Alghero!

6 good reasons to choose one of our accommodations

The cottages are suitable for all those who are looking for a quiet and relaxing place in the heart of the countryside to spend a great holiday in Alghero.

  • family vacations
  • couples
  • single
  • sportsmen
  • hikers and active people

Country Life

Life in the countryside may not please everyone. Yes, it might be less cool & glamorous than the city life but it is actually true that our body require us to disconnect a little from the city to recharge energy and positivity in the nature.

All our cottages have private garden

Sea Breeze

Sea breeze is known for its beneficial effects on the respiratory system. Thanks to the large amount of mineral salts it contains, it helps the good health of the bronchi and lungs. It therefore improves breathing overall…Our cottages are located just 1 km from the sea and a few minutes from the best beaches of Alghero.

 vacanza ad Alghero

Family time

Spending a time with your family away from the daily grind can only do you good. We have the right spaces for privacy and independence and at the same time spend some quiet time all together. Our Flower Villa is perfect for families and couples. With two bedrooms and two separate bathrooms.

BBQ Nights

From a recent study by the University of Minnesota it was found that cooking outdoors increases seratonin, the feel-good hormone … (well, that’s no true!) but we still believe that – even without university studies –  doing a BBQ really makes the day more than enjoyable. All our cottages have their own private BBQ.

Appartamento con giardino vicino al mare


About 80% of our guests are couples. We’ve really received hundreds of feedbacks and we know what couples love. We have created and organized spaces to provide everything they need and give our couples the perfect places for their holiday in Alghero. For now, no one* has been disappointed (*difficult categories apart ;-))

Vacanze in coppia in Sardegna

Ah, Single

Once a New York writer (Hi! If you’re reading this!) stayed with us for over 3 weeks. She kept extending her stay from week to week. She had found the perfect setting – she told us – to write her novel in peace. Even if you are not a novels writer, in our cottages you will find the right environment to enjoy your time with your spaces and with maximum safety and independence.

Vacanza per single in Sardegna

Plan your holiday in Alghero: transport and activities

Thanks to the airport and the proximity to the port of Porto Torres, Alghero can be easily reached from any Italian or European city either by plane or by ship.

If you arrive by plane…

Alghero airport: located about 10 km from the center. It is connected to the city by local buses that depart every hour from the arrivals terminal and reach the city center (terminal in Via Catalogna).

Olbia Airport: on the north-east coast about 150 km (1h 30 min). Reaching Alghero from Olbia is very simple thanks to the fast-road of Olbia-Sassari route and Sassari-Alghero route.

Cagliari Airport: it is the farthest airport from Alghero (about 250 km for almost 3 hours of travel). The island’s first airport offers multiple international and domestic connections.

If you arrive by ferry…

Port of Porto Torres: about 35 km from Alghero, in 20 minutes you can reach the city. Ferries from the port of Porto Torres mainly connect the Genoa, Civitavecchia, Barcelona route.

Port of Olbia: distance from Alghero about 140 km is one of the most used ports for the routes: Livorno-Olbia and Civitavecchia-Olbia.

Port of Golfo Aranci: a short distance from the Port of Olbia, it is often used for arrivals from Livorno and Nice.

Port of Cagliari: located in the city center, it guarantees connections from Civitavecchia, Naples and Palermo.


Buses and Trains

Bus transport in Sardinia is managed by the ARST company for local and regional buses. The best way to find timetables and connections is through Google Maps. Traveling by bus is not always easy due to the lack of direct lines. For specific tourist routes it is better to rely on private bus companies that operate mainly during the summer period.

Traveling by train is also quite difficult given the lack of an efficient and modern rail network. In any case, it is possible to travel by train while making various stopovers from Cagliari to Alghero or from Olbia to Alghero.

Rental car

It remains undoubtedly the best way to travel to Sardinia! The car is essential to move, reach the beaches, the most interesting places that are often not reached by public transport.

We recommend that you rent the car online and well in advance to get the best rate. Local companies often offer higher prices especially under date, so renting it in advance will certainly make you save a lot.

Activities & Excursions: what to do in Alghero

If you want to know some of the most interesting nature walks or what not to miss in the old town of Alghero and the most beautiful beaches to visit. You have everything here for hel you out:.

Some interesting activities in Alghero and surroundings


…See you soon in Alghero!

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