Escursioni ad Alghero

Best Hikes in Alghero

The area around Alghero includes beautiful sceneries perfect for nature walks, horseback riding and cycling. Mountain paths, coastal roads and kilometers of paths where you can relax in the midst of nature. These day-trips will let you discover the most beautiful and spectacular hikes in Alghero and Northern Sardinia.

The 5 best hikes in Alghero

  1. Porto Conte Park: le Prigionette
  2. Punta Giglio
  3. Calik Lagoon
  4. Monte Palmavera and Monte Murone
  5. Baratz Lake

1. Hike in Porto Conte park: Le Prigionette

Escursione Le Prigionette Alghero

The Prigionette forest, or Noah’s Ark is part of the Porto Conte Park. One of the richest areas of biodiversity. Through a dense network of paths it is possible to visit the typical Sardinian Mediterranean scrub. With a little luck you can also meet some species of animals such as the Sardinian donkey, the albino donkey of Asinara, horses in the wild, fallow deer, griffins, partridges, royal crows. From the highest points you can see the amazing view of the bay of Porto Conte and Capocaccia – Isola Piana

What to do: it is possible to stop for a picnic in the pine forest relaxing in the benches and wooden tables. Playground for children.

Entrance ticket: € 5 guided tours with electric minicars or € 3 for those who choose to make the excursion on foot or with their own car.

Suitable for: trekkers, cyclists, families. Avoid the hottest hours because the paths are exposed to the sun.

Itinerary: Monte Timidone, Cala Barca

Opening Times: the Prigionette forest can be visited all year round from 9:00 to 17:00. In the months of July and August from 09.00 to 19.00

Services: info point, toilets, bicycle rental, picnic area, children’s playground, electric mini-car rental, guided tours.

How to get there: take the SS 127 BIS towards Porto Conte. At the roundabout take the SP 55 and go straight on towards Capo Caccia. The entrance is on the right of the main road

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2. Hike in Punta Giglio

Escursione a Punta Giglio

The hike to Punta Giglio includes 5 medium-long itineraries, suitable for hiking or cycling. A wonderful naturalistic oasis among very tall pines, dwarf palms and shrubs of the Sardinian Mediterranean scrub. Between the forest enjoy the spectacular view of Porto Conte bay with the imponent Capocaccia cliff. At the end of the main route you will reach the remains of military posts from the Second World War where the soldiers barracks can still partially visited.

What to do: 5 routes to explore. One of these leads to a small beach “Cala Bramassa” where to stop and take a dip in the beautiful blue waters.

Entrance ticket: the ticket to access the trails costs € 3

Suitable for: hikers, cyclist, families. Light, medium-duration trekking. More challenging by bike due to the climbs.

Route Duration: about two hours for a single itinerary.

Services: parking, benches and wooden tables for picnics.

How to get there: take the road to Porto Conte, towards Maristella, and at the roundabout take the second exit on the left. Continue towards the marina of Porto Conte. The entrance is on the left.

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Cala Bramassa – Punta Giglio

3. Walk at Calich Lagoon

Ponte Romano - Laguna del Calich

The Calich pond is part of the Porto Conte Natural Park which is also a protected area. Located near the hamlet of Fertilia, this is a perfect place for cycling and walking. In the past the pond was particularly flourishing with various species of fish including mullets and eels. Today it also houses several bird specimens. One of the most important historical aspects of the Calich lagoon is the old Roman bridge, rebuilt in the Middle Ages which includes 13 arches of the 24 originals. In the area there are some historic buildings from the fascist era.

What to do: day-trip by walk or by bicycle. The cycle path starts from Alghero and reaches the Calich Lagoon.

Services: birdwatching stations, tables and benches for picnics.

Route duration: 1h 30 min starting from Alghero.

Ticket fee: free

Suitable for: hikers, cyclists, families. A very simple walk without difficulty.

How to get there: the Calich lagoon starts from Viale Burruni in Alghero and ends at the entrance to the hamlet of Fertilia

4. Hike from Monte Palmavera to Monte Murone

Escursione monte Palmavera, monte Murone

This is definetely one of the best hikes in Alghero offering wonderful views of Alghero bay and Porto Conte. A path that can be practiced on foot or by mountain bike by the most sporty. The road that surrounds the mountains is well marked but rather bumpy. Starting from the pine forest just before the Nuragic Village of Palmavera, go up along the marked path of Monte Palmavera and continue in a circular path that first reaches Monte de Daus and then Monte Murone. Along the way there are many forts from the Second World War.

What to do: one day-trip. A great experience to discover the area around Alghero.

Route duration: the entire route is about 14 km long from the base to the return. About 5 hours of walking.

Entrance ticket: free

Suitable for: hikers, cyclists, families. Rather long but simple route.

Where to park: the car can be left at the base of Monte Palmavera.

How to get there: Mount Palmavera is located on the SS 127 BIS towards Porto Conte – Maristella. Along the Arenosu pine forest there are few entrances where it is possible to park the car.

Monte Murone Alghero

5. Nature walk at Baratz Lake

Escursione Lago di Baratz

The only natural lake in Sardinia, which originated about 100 thousand years ago. It is located 20 km from Alghero, near the Porto Ferro beach. A small lake (12 Km) inserted in an enchanting landscape and surrounded by sandy dunes. All around a luxuriant pine forest with the typical Sardinian Mediterranean vegetation: dwarf palm, strawberry tree, myrtle, broom, rosemary, rock rose, wild orchids, olive.

The lake recognized by the European Union as a Site of Community Interest (SIC). It is shallow about 6.5 meters. The rich aquatic vegetation is a refuge for species typical of the lake environment such as tortoises, frogs and eels. Many species of birds that live in the lake are: the Mallard, the White Heron, the Gray Heron and the ducks, all observable from different points.

The lake of Baratz has always fed several legends including the one that links it to the ancient city of Barax sunk in its waters. Some instead linked to the Second World War according to which some armaments were thrown and buried on the bottom of the lake.

What to do: hiking, walking, birdwathing.

Route duration: about 1 hour

Services: there are no services in the area

Suitable for: hikers, families, cyclists. Simple excursion.

Entrance ticket: free

How to get there: along the road S.P. 55 bis. After the roundabout with the Strada dei Due Mari, proceed towards S. Maria La Palma. At the traffic lights, go straight and after about 3 km you will find the crossroads on the right with the indication for Lago di Baratz.

Spending a holiday in Alghero means immersing yourself in the natural and cultural traditions of the whole territory. All the itineraries are located a short distance from the city center and are easily accessible.

The purpose of our article is to provide you with useful suggestions on excursions in Alghero, even if we do not personally organise this type of activity. You can book the tours and excursions via our partner sites.


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