What to eat in Alghero

What to eat in Alghero

Alghero’s culinary scene is one of the most varied in Sardinia because in addition to the typical Sardinian dishes it also includes Catalan cuisine, handed down from its four centuries of Spanish domination.

A tour through the characteristic alleys of the historic center will lead you to discover some of the best restaurants in Alghero where you can enjoy good food and excellent wine. There are so many small restaurants that offer typical Sardinian/Alghero cuisine with fresh fish specialties, but also meat dishes such as the classic roast suckling pig.

What to eat in Alghero

Typical Alghero cuisine is mainly based on fish and seafood specialties: monkfish, sea bream, mullet, moray eels, snapper, amberjack and grouper but also octopus, squid and the renowned lobster. All the catch of the Gulf of Alghero turns into delicious recipes that trace the history of the Catalan city.

In the many restaurants of the old town you can taste these products in the most traditional recipes handed down directly by the fishermen of the Alguer Vella. Even today from the port of Alghero you will see the small boats of fishermen leave – the typical Latin sail boats – in search of the good catch in the direction off the Alghero bay.

In recent years the cuisine of Alghero has brought a new creativity with high-level chefs who propose recipes revisited in a modern way. However, both the old traditional recipes and the modern ones garantee freshness flavor and local products.

Let’s see in detail what to eat in Alghero: typical dishes of the Alghero cuisine


Fish main courses

  • Fried moray
  • Dogfish in garlic red sauce
  • Monkfish Catalan style
  • Salt sea bream
  • Algherese fish soup (copatxa de peix)
  • Octopus in garlic red sauce
  • Catalan lobster
  • Soup with mussels and clams
  • Fried sea actinias

Pasta dishes

  • Spaghetti with lobster
  • Tagliolini with bottarga and artichokes
  • Spaghetti with sea urchins
  • Algherese paella with Sardinian fregola
  • Spaghetti with clams and bottarga
  • Octopus tagliolini


  • Sardinian gnocchi with sausage
  • Ravioli with lamb ragù
  • Roast Sardinian suckling pig
  • Boiled sheep
  • Fillet of beef with green pepper


  • Menjar blanc
  • Catalan cream
  • Seadas with sugar or honey
  • Amaretti, pirichitti, papassini (biscuits of the Sardinian tradition)


Although Alghero it does not have an agro-pastoral tradition – thanks to the proximity of the nearby mountain villages – it is possible to find excellent quality cheeses and cured meats produced by local shepherds. To try: fresh sheep ricotta, lightly smoked mustia ricotta, Dolce Sardo cheese (excellent also melted), spicy cream cheese and the classic Sardinian pecorino. Among the typical cured meat: dried sausage, coppa, pancetta, loin.


Some of the best oil mills in Alghero have obtained important awards for the precious quality of extra-virgin olive oil. The olive groves of Alghero are made up of plants mostly of Bosana quality, a typical variety of Sardinia. Among the most important oil mills: Tenute San Giuliano e Antica Accademia Olearia.


You can’t really enjoy a meal if you haven’t had at least a good glass of wine. In the Alghero area, we have several local wineries that produce bottles of excellent quality between red and white wines.

The most important wineries in Alghero are the Cantina di Santa Maria la Palma and the Cantina di Sella & Mosca. Among the white wines produced in Alghero: vermentino and sparkling vermentino DOC. A special wine is definitely the Akenta Sub Vermentino di Sardegna DOC extra-dry aged under water, practically a cellar in the sea off Capo Caccia cliff! Among the reds, the Cagnulari (autochthonous vine), San Giovese and obviously the Cannonau also autochthonous are produced.


It is almost impossible not to find good food in Sardinia, any place usually offers fresh and genuine products. But if you are really looking for the best restaurants try some of our suggestions which will give you the best offer of what to eat in Alghero. Sure, they won’t let you down!

  • Prosciutteria San Miguel: small place where to have a special aperitif with Sardinian cold cuts and cheeses and excellent local wine.


  • Trattoria Lo Romanì: excellent fish restaurant famous for its first course Maccarrones de Busa with seafood and roast suckling pig.


  • Il Refettorio: tradition is combined with the creativity of chef Andreini who offers excellent combinations of fish with typical local products.


  • La saletta: typical Sardinian cuisine revisited in a modern and original way.


  • Dietro il carcere: Alghero food in its most genuine form with generous portions and simple and tasty recipes.


  • Agiturismo sa Mandra: the best farmhouse in Italy with cured meats, cheeses, all strictly home-made.

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