Our week in Alghero

Our week in Alghero

Chiara & Marco: our holidays in Alghero

1° DAY

We land at Alghero airport with the first flight from Milan. Wake up at 7 am and the first thing we need is a coffee. Bar and espresso!

Our first Sardinian coffee … delicious! We head to the car rental. We booked a car online with the hope that the procedure will be smooth and quick (we don’t want to waste much time and reach the beaches as quickly as possible).


Our metallic blue fiat 500 is waiting for us…a dream!


We leave the airport and in about 10 – 12 minutes we arrive at our destination.

Lucia’s directions have been very detailed and precise so we have no difficulty finding the house. As you reach the gate a little dog welcomes us a little angry … we greet him and he calms down … he actually looks very shy

The first impact is Wow! What a beautiful place, we think. We park the car and we are greeted by Lucia who shows us our accommodation. We booked the cottage for 2 people – COUPLES COTTAGE


At the entrance there is a very large Yucca, I don’t remember seeing one that big even in my trip to Mexico. Lucia tells us that in their area all the plants grow three times more than in other areas. … energy issue? Well, we like to think that this energy that moves to the earth also fills us with a positive charge.

The house is so cute! Everything looks nice and accurate. We are immediately struck by cleanliness. It’s not just clean it’s even shiny! We have chosen well, we think. We put down our luggage, take a quick refresh and head to the beach.

Lazzaretto beach is really close to the house and it can be reached in less than 5 minutes. We must go by car anyway because the road does not have a footpath.

The spectacle of  Lazzaretto sea surprises us. The color of the water is an intense blue and sometimes light turquoise. We lay down the beach-towels in a corner near the rocks. We like to stay a bit isolated not really in the center of the beach. We are not yet in the middle of the season, and not many people so we can settle down easily.

Marco and I quickly undress and get ready for the first swim of the season! We look at each other with wide eyes … wow it is frozen!

I feel a shiver from the belly to the neck … Yes, it’s really cold!

The water is very transparent, I count up to 1, 2, 3 and I dive into the water! We laugh, I dip my head, my arms, I tap my feet and finally I feel the temperature cool but pleasant.

We take a little swim, look at the backdrop with the mask…amazing!

We visit the beach from side to side and we realize that there are other coves nearby. Great! maybe we’ll go there in the next few days.

We’ll stay here for a week so we have plenty of time to visit the area well. Our stomach tells us it’s lunch time… let’s have a quick aperitif in the nearby kiosk  – bar La Torre – an ichnusa beer and some chips

We think maybe tonight at home we will do a BBQ. “Ok, we have to do the shopping!”

Yes, yes Marco … we make the list later, now silence, please I just want to enjoy this scent of the sea and dry myself under this splendid sun ………. Ah, RELAX, finally!



  • Parking at Lazzaretto beach is charged € 1 per hour
  • The beach kiosk  Bar La Torre  it’s also a restaurant if you want you can eat a pasta dish or fresh fish
  • Lazzaretto water tones you up!



Rental Car
Before booking we checked the prices on this site: RentalCars.com

He found for us the best offer. We booked online and picked up the car at the airport. It was all quick and simple


The cottage we booked was perfect for us. Small and cozy + Fantastic location… what else ?!

Couples Cottage – bluAlghero accommodation


Chiara & Marco are our travel reporters! This is only the first day of vacation in Alghero. Follow them! They will tell you the best of their week in Alghero: the most beautiful beaches, the secret places, the places to go in the evening, the best and cheapest restaurants!




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