What to do in Alghero when it rains

Are you looking for activities in Alghero when it rains? When the weather forecast seems to turn against our plans, it’s with great disappointment that we’re forced to revise our well-organised itinerary. But don’t worry, there are some things to do in an – unusually – grey sky in Alghero. We’ve picked out the best places to visit on a rainy day: interesting museums, historic cafés, old-fashioned cinemas and more…

Oh yes, don’t forget your umbrella!

7 Things to do in Alghero when it’s raining

Although there are no classic indoor shopping centres in Alghero and most of the region’s attractions such as the Neptune’s Caves and archaeological sites aren’t accessible in bad weather, we offer you some great alternatives to make your PLAN B more organised.

1. Visit the city museums

Coral Museum

The museum, housed in a stately Art Nouveau villa not far from the historic centre of Alghero, displays jewels and real works of art made by local artisans. Lots of video information on the techniques of mining, harvesting and processing red coral, the symbol of Alghero and the Riviera.

Recommended audio-guide for only €3 extra.

Ticket price: 5€

Openings: Mon-Tue-Wed from 17.00 to 19.30. Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun from 11.00 to 13.00 and from 17.00 to 19.30.

Address: Via XX Settembre, 8 07041 Alghero

Acquario Rubrum

Not far from the Coral Museum, inside the tower towards the bastions, the small museum-aquarium dedicated to the living coral, Corallum Rubrium, is definitely worth a visit. The guide offers a lot of information and curiosities exhibited in a passionate and entertaining way, so that one can enrich the experience of travelling to Alghero and learning about this fascinating element. The exhibition with accompanying explanations lasts about 50 minutes. Check before for english guide.

Ticket price: 5€

Openings: from 14.04 to 30.04 admittance at 17.00. From 01.05 to 15.10 admittance at 09.00 and 19.00.

Address: Torre di San Giacomo – Via Cristoforo Colombo, 07041 Alghero


Archaeological Museum

A collection of artefacts, relics, documents and evidence of early human presence in the Alghero area from the Neolithic to the Middle Ages. Many finds from nearby Nuragic villages, from the sea and excavations in the old town of Alghero. The museum is located in a historic building dating back to 1400, which has been converted several times in the past, from a prison to a gymnasium to the present MuSa museum.

Ticket price: 5€

Openings: Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu from 10.30 to 13.00. Fri-Sat-Sun from 10.30 to 13.00 and from 17.00 to 19.30.

Address: Via Carlo Alberto, 72 07041 Alghero

MaSe Museum

If you have a car, drive outside the city center and take the opportunity to visit the MaSe museum in Porto Conte Bay, one of the most fascinating areas in Alghero (even in the rain!). The museum is dedicated to the life of French writer Antoine de Saint-Exupery, author of the novel The Little Prince. Findings, pictures and evidence of the writer’s presence in Alghero in 1944 and various curiosities enrich this interesting exhibition.

Ticket price: 5€

Openings: Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri-Sat-Sun from 10.00 to 13.00 and from 15.30 to 19.30.

Address: Via Porto Conte, 07041 Maristella

2. Wine tasting

Alghero is home to important wineries that produce excellent quality. Visits to the vineyards are perhaps to be postponed to sunnier days, but on rainy days we can devote ourselves exclusively to tastings (which is never a bad idea!).

One of the most important wineries in Alghero is Santa Maria La Palma, which has brought to the city center a place where you can discover its history and immerse yourself in a sensory journey. “La Cantina” offers a mini-tasting accompanied by local food and an interesting excursus on the history of the vineyards. You can find it in Alghero at Via XXIV Maggio, 4.

If you can get around by car, we suggest the tasting experience at the Ledà d’Ittiri farmhouse in the Alghero countryside. You can check availability and costs below.

3. Play pool and drink a craft beer

When gray skies and rain prevent any outdoor activity, you can spend an afternoon playing pool and drinking craft beer. Doppio Malto recently opened in Alghero and offers a varied menu including snacks and meat dishes. Beer and pool, always a great combination, especially when it’s raining outside.

4. Watch a movie

The only one present in Alghero is the historic Miramare cinema. Recently renovated theater offers a good view of the screen and comfortable seats. The programming varies from international, Italian and even some Sardinian films. Too bad the original language programming is not always available.

5.Tea and pastries in the historic bakery

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A coffee and a delicious Neapolitan sfogliatella will bring back a smile even in the downpour. “Ciro” the historic pastry shop in Alghero is definitely worth a visit. Founded in the early 1970s by Neapolitan master pastry chef Ciro it is one of the city’s landmarks for the undisputed quality of its pastries and café. Not to be missed even on sunny days….

6-Cooking class with meal included

A fun activity to discover typical products and spend a day in pleasant company. In the cooking class you will learn how to make homemade pasta and other traditional Sardinian cooking tips. Check below the availability and make a reservation.

7. Drink a cocktail at Imbibe

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Let’s finish our list of things to do in Alghero when it rains with this venue’s subtitle: “Drink Therapy.” At Imbibe’s you can chase away the melancholy of gray skies with the best cocktails in town. A drink is sure to help you plan your next stop in Sardinia as soon as the sun returns. In the meantime, however, drink-it-up…

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