Why it is worth visiting Alghero?

There are endless reasons why it is worth visiting Alghero. The most romantic and dynamic city on the north-west coast of Sardinia. Perfect for those who love the sea and water-sports such as wind-surfing, kitesurfing or diving. For sailing enthusiasts there is no better place to explore than Porto Conte bay on a sailing boat. Don’t come to Alghero just for a beach holidays though. Many historical places that will really impress you: archaeological sites such as the Nuragic Village of Palmavera and the famous Neptune’s Caves. If you come to Alghero once, you will surely want to come back at least a second time. And you will probably end up falling in love with it…

What’s so special about Alghero?

One of the strengths of Alghero is its location. Directly overlooking the sea, it can boast a large sandy-beach right in the city center which can be reached by walking. The charm of the Old Town with the many small shops and narrow alleys. A place where you can breathe history and sardinian traditions: the 7 towers scattered between the old city and the ramparts of the Catalan-Aragonese period. The ancient walls (the muralla) defended the city from attacks by sea. Still well preserved today, has a beautiful view of the Gulf and the promontory of Capo Caccia, the symbol of Alghero.

Capo Caccia cliff
186 meters high cliff of Capo Caccia

Alghero the Catalan Town

Why it is worth visiting Alghero?
The Barcelona promenade

In Alghero you can feel the Catalan imprint. It was colonized for 4 centuries by the Catalan-Aragonese and has maintained a very strong link with the Catalan culture. This is found in the architectural aspects to be admired among the churches and palaces of the old town. The linguistic aspect is also very important, the Algherese language (alguerès) includes Castilian and Sardinian influences still widespread today among the inhabitants used to communicate in both languages. Catalonia’s link with cuisine is also very strong: a mix of Sardinian-Aragonese flavors!

What to do in Alghero?

Tramonto ad Alghero
Sunset from the ramparts

Alghero is a city that can be easily explored on foot. Starting from Piazza Sulis, head to Lungomare Dante and continue to Lungomare Valencia. From there you go up to Colle del Balaguer where you can admire a beautiful view of the Gulf and the Old Town where, among all, stands the bell tower of Santa Maria Cathedral. The beautiful old town is worth a thorough visit to admire the architecture of the churches, the cobbled streets and small houses. A walk on the ramparts at sunset is worth the whole trip to Sardinia!

Leaving the urban center, the surroundings of Alghero offer as many uncontaminated and extraordinary places. A surrounding area full of trails, archaeological sites and beautiful beaches.

Typical Alghero’s experiences

Bombarde beach, Alghero
Bombarde beach, Alghero

A place for young people, families, sport and archeology enthusiasts. For lovers of sunbathing and for those seeking tranquility, Alghero is a city for everyone! Both its urban center and its surroundings offers incredible experiences. Some of these will leave you with a beautiful memory of your holiday in Alghero. And we are sure that you will certainly want to come back to discover more.

Great Local Experiences in Alghero

What to eat in Alghero?

What to eat in Alghero: seafood dish
Traditional seafood dish in Alghero

The food is definetely one of the reasons why it is worth visiting Alghero. The local cuisine has important Iberian influences. It is a mix of Sardinian flavors combined with typical seafood cuisine. People come to Alghero to eat fish mainly (…yes, but not only!). Let’s see which are the typical local dishes and which are the restaurants that best enhance the traditional Alghero’s food. Among the typical dishes:

  • Paella all’algherese (Alghero style Paella)
  • Pesce in agliata (fish in spicy tomato sauce)
  • Aragosta alla catalana (Catalan style lobster)
  • Fregola ai frutti di mare (sea-food sardinian couscous)
  • Spaghetti ai ricci di mare (sea-urchins spaghetti)
  • Copatxa de sèba (onions soup)
  • Copatxa de peix (fish soup)

Among the best restaurants in Alghero we recommend:

  • Ristorante Mabrouk
  • Trattoria Lo romanì
  • Il Refettorio

Where to stay in Alghero?

Casa vacanza alghero

We have already said that Alghero makes everyone agree: those looking for traditional hotel room with a private beach or those who want to be more in touch with nature and having the privacy of an indipendent home. Different types of accommodation are available both in the city center and in the surroundings: villas with pools, apartments in the heart of the old town or country cottages. There’s plenty of choices!

Our rural house it’s located in one of the most beautiful and interesting areas of Alghero. Despite being outside the city center, it is a very convenient location to reach the best Alghero’s beaches in a few minutes. A naturalistic spot where you can switch off and enjoy the sun and the sea of Sardinia. Our cottages offer independence and comfort for both couples or families.

For those who prefer to stay in the city center, we recommend Here-mini Loft a cozy and super modern studio-apartment in the center of Alghero. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a hotel just a few steps from the sea, the Oasi Hotel is located a short distance from the famous Maria Pia beach with its splendid dunes. Just outside Alghero towards Porto Conte, the Hotel El Faro has one of the most spectacular views in Northern Sardinia.

Contact us for more information and to book your accommodation in Alghero!

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